Smart Sonic Ultrasonic Algae Control for Swimming Pools – The chemical free alternative

Going for a swim in the pool should be a pleasure, but often we are confronted with the smell of chemicals or finish our swim with sore eyes or our skin feeling sticky.

Pool chemicals are not cheap and require constant monitoring. So wouldn’t it be nice to swim in a chemical free pool, but we all know that if we don’t use chemical additives, our swimming pools would soon turn green!

A Smart Sonic Ultrasonic unit can significantly reduce your dependence on pool chemicals, but you may still to control such parameters such as pH.

Swimming Ponds










Swimming ponds or natural pools rely on biological filtration to keep the water clear and clean, however some nutrients in the water are essential, to ensure that the marginal plants thrive and in turn keep the water clean. This will always mean that biofilm will be present and especially in the swimming areas and to some this is not desirable because the biofilm makes the surfaces of the swimming area slimy to the touch.
The Smart Sonic ultrasound units will control the biofilm and keep these surfaces clean and prevent and algal growth. Customers who have installed units in their swimming ponds say that the clean surfaces make swimming even more enjoyable.

If you have a natural pool – the wildlife you share it with will be important to you, so rest assured – the ultrasound will have no effect on your insect or amphibian friends.









How does a Smart Sonic unit work?

  • The transducer emits a complex pattern of ultrasound frequencies, generated in the control box by a microprocessor.
  • The ultrasound signals cause algal cells to resonate, resulting in internal damage and eventual death.
  • The ultrasound has the same effect on bacteria. It is bacteria in the water that settle on the walls of the swimming pool, it is this biofilm which provides a foundation on which algae can also grow.
  • Eliminating biofilm means no green pool walls.
  • Eliminating bacteria means no harmful pathogens such as E.coli.

Is Ultrasound Safe?

  • Ultrasound is completely safe to humans and animals and affects only algae and bacteria.
  • The power supply to the transducer unit, which is placed in the pool, is only 24V DC eliminating the risk of electrocution.
  • The frequencies emitted by the transducer unit range between 20-90KHz