Do you have problems with algae control in your pond, lake or pool? Then the NEW Smart Sonic range of ultrasonic algal control products are what you need, the environmentally friendly, effective and chemical free way to eliminate algae and biofilm.

The ‘state of the art’ technology used in the Smart Sonic units, generate ultrasound signals that are extremely effective at controlling algae, biofilm and water-borne pathogens, without doing any harm to fish, plants or wildlife.

With the use of chemicals to control algae now being banned, the obvious solution to algal problems is ultrasound.

Irrigation lagoon in Oman with an algal problem

Irrigation lagoon with an algal problem

Irrigation lagoon after Smart Tec ultrasound treatment

Irrigation lagoon after Smart Sonic ultrasound treatment

Why are the Smart Sonic products special?

  •  Firstly, they work!
  •  State of the art technology
  •  Transducer performance continually monitored/modified to ensure peak signal output
  •  Constant monitoring ensures no drop in performance
  •  Range of signal from 10 – 400m dependent on model
  •  Low power consumption of only 10 to 70 watts max – dependent on model
  •  Re-programmable to cope with stubborn algal species
  •  The transducers emit a multi-layered, ultrasonic pattern of frequencies
  •  Ultrasound generated in asymmetrical pulses for optimal efficiency
  •  Transducers designed specifically for each model
  •  Frequency range of 20-90KHz depending on programming
  •  Easy to install
  •  Run on 24V DC, transformers supplied for running on 240v AC
  •  Solar/wind power options available for all models
  •  Suitable for use in swimming pools

      The Advanced Smart Sonic Range of ultrasonic units.

Smart Sonic Ultrasound – The answer to all your pond, lake or pool algal problems, be it blanket weed, blue-green or green algae.