We were contacted at the start of 2014 by Tawoos Agricultural Systems LLC Sultanate of Oman,  one of the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the Arabian peninsula. Algae growing in their irrigation lagoons was causing the problems with their irrigation system and so wanted a chemical free method to eliminate the algae.

One Smart Sonic 50 unit with two transducers was supplied to treat one of the lagoons, measuring 960 sq m.

Irrigation lagoon in Oman prior to Smart Tec 50 installation 3/3/2014

Lagoon prior to Smart Sonic 50 installation 3/3/2014

In three weeks, the algae had been killed and the dead cells were floating on the surface of the lagoon.

Effect of Smart Tec 50 ultrasound on the algae in irrigation pond

This photo was taken 26 March 2014 and the algae has been killed

Once the dead algae had broken down, the water clears.

Irrigation lagoon post treatment with ultrasound

The lagoon at the start of June 2014. The water is no longer green

A few weeks later & crystal clear water.

Irrigation lagoon after ultrasound treatment

Irrigation lagoon after ultrasound treatment

Another problem solved, another satisfied customer!