Controlling Blanket Weed with Ultrasound

Pool with blanket weed problem prior to treatment with a PondTec ultrasonic unt

The presence of blanket weed in a pond or lake is unsightly, a hazard to fish and difficult to get rid of. To remove physically takes time and effort and the weed will regrow almost as fast as it is removed.

Garden pool with a blanket weed problem prior to the installation of a Pond Tec ultrasonic algae control device

The SmartTec ultrasound units are very efficient at killing blanket weed and if installed early in the year, before the weed has started to grow, then any growth is halted before it has a chance to become established. If a Smart Tec ultrasound unit is installed once the blanket weed has become well established, the ultrasound will kill the blanket weed,turning it brown. However, the dead weed will still have to be physically removed from the water and disposed of well away from the pool. Leaving dead weed on the edge of the pool means that as it rots, nutrient will return to the water, feeding further growth.

Blanket weed free pool with a PondTec ultrasound unit installed.

In the above photograph, taken a few weeks after a PondTec ultrasound unit was installed (foreground), the blanket weed has almost all been eliminated, what little remained can be seen on the jetty on the right of the picture.

Amport Trout Fishery, Nr Andover, Hampshire

We were contacted earlier this year by Will, the owner of this chalk stream fed trout fishery, because he continually suffered from blanket weed during the summer. Not only did it make the fishery look unattractive, but also made fly fishing almost impossible at times.

Balnket weed growth at Amport trout fishery

Amport Fishery early in the year, showing the blanketket weed growth.

A Smart Sonic 50, with two transducers was installed at the fishery on May 5th, 2015.  We contacted Will to find out how things were, his resply was:
“Lake looks fab thanks, no blanket weed, happy fishermen and low maintenance for me. When I add up the time I would have had to spend raking out the algae, along with the increased number of fishermen coming to fish due to the clear pond, the unit must have paid for itself within 6 months! Don’t why I didn’t install one ages ago! Thanks, Will


Amport fishery after 9 weeks treatment with Smart Tec ultrasound

Amport fishery after 9 weeks treatment with Smart Tec ultrasound, no blanket weed.

N. B. If a pond or lake has a heavy growth of submerged vegetation, then ultrasound is not an option, as the vegetation will disrupt the ultrasound signal, making in ineffective.